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Gustavo Sorzano. / 1944. Salvat´s Art History encyclopedia, defines Sorzano as "the best example of the experimental artist in Colombia. With a solid background in the field of music and design, his work is valuable in both fields and especially in some interaction and interactive works". Germán Rubiano. 

Indeed, from the beginning of his professional activity he set path towards a innovative and broader vision of the various disciplines of design, which allowed him to integrate them including multimedia and happenings events. He refers to his multifaceted work it as "integral architecture". Gustavo Sorzano, is a BFA graduate of the College of Architecture at Cornell University in 1969. He is an award-winning artist, designer and overall a humanist, and certainly a pioneer in Colombia of the "integral design". He has been inspiring important national projects in the architecture and design disciplines. He is widely known to the art world with numerous individual and collective exhibitions in galleries and museums in USA and Latin America. He has received several distinctions for his artistic work and won special awards in the National Salons of Visual Arts of Colombia. 

He is the Creator of the Institute for the Development of Creativity,, founding member of the Civitas Foundation, of the Human Woven Association, and creator of the program and award winning “Innovadores de América”,

Author of several books in the field of applied creativity and integral design among which the recently published "Lógica De-Mente" and "Why I did not come to mind to me?". Proa magazine published the book "Sorzano: Arquitectura Integral" on its multidisciplinary integrative work. In 2002 we saw the culmination of his experimental graphic work "Digikon" in the CCC Gallery under the curatorship of senior Fausto Panesso in Bogota. In 2004, the Museum of Modern Art in Bogotá made an individual exhibition of their digital experimental work. In August 2005 he made his "IKONOS" digital exhibition in Galería Quinta Dominica in the framework of Listín Diario's 116 years anniversary. In November of 2007 his work "Clip-Art, homage to Duchamp" was exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art of Santo Domingo. R.D. And during 2012 and 2013 the Colombo-American art galleries of Bucaramanga, Pereira, Armenia, Manizales and Cartagena exhibited his recent and open work, a participative event, an exhibition inside an exhibition, "Warholisa" in honor of Leonardo and Warhol. The national University Jorge Tadeo Lozano presented last year also, "ART / vertising" a project with his work. In 2015 professor Maria Mercedes Herrera, Ph.D., and Editorial La Silueta, published the book-essay "Gustavo Sorzano, pioneer of Conceptual Art in Colombia". Nowadays the Gallery of the Economic Cultural Foundation of Mexico ispresenting his most recent work in homage to American ensamblage artist Joseph Cornell and “Hergé”, Georges Remi, the famous comic strip Tintín creator, in a series of interesting assemblies titled "The Nightmares of Haddock." This sample of 62 works is part of a larger project in preparation. It is interesting to look at his work at

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